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  • "Feedback received from attendees was extremely positive"AB, Human Resources Manager
  • "BTA worked very closely with our business and delivered significant improvements"GP, General Manager
  • "Training is delivered to a high standard and based on a solid structure and facts."CH, Human Resources Director
  • "I found the theory and strategies shared to be of the highest quality"RP, Production & Quality Assurance Manager
  • "Our improvements became visible well in advance of project completion"KM Production Manager
  • "The knowledge of the trainers and the style in which they train is excellent"PM Group HR Manager

Working with us

Come and join an outstanding team…

There are great opportunities for talented and hard-working individuals to join BTA, an ambitious and successful private consulting, training and business support company whose team and associates work to help people across the EMEA region advance their manufacturing operations and gain vital career qualifications, training and development.

Backed by an excellent Board of Directors, you will benefit from a highly rewarding, supportive and creative environment – with resources and facilities to match.

Our staff enjoy good pay and pensions, and other non-pay benefits. Most of all, they thrive by caring and believing in the vision and values of BTA and our clients.

BTA are a forward-thinking company focused on getting it right for the employers whose staff undertaking our training and development programmes, the colleges with whom we partner, our other stakeholders, and our staff. Most of all, we are committed to our learners and always strive to ensure we match their ambitions with our mission of ‘developing expertise to advance manufacturing’.

BTA do not engage the services of recruitment agencies and will only respond to current vacancy applications advertised below.

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Benefits of lean training

  • Improved Productivity
  • Improved Throughput
  • Improved Quality
  • Improved Saftey
  • Reduced Operating Costs

          Giving Business a Competitive


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